Haas brings Formula 1 front-wing fix to Chinese Grand Prix


Haas drivers Romain Grosjean and Esteban Gutierrez will run a new Formula 1 front wing during the Chinese Grand Prix weekend.

Grosjean suffered a front-wing problem as a result of vibration over kerbs during practice in Bahrain, with the team strengthening it overnight.

Work finished on a new iteration of the wing in time to get one for each driver flown out to Shanghai in time for Friday practice.

Team boss Gunther Steiner said it was the outfit’s policy to only bring new parts when they have enough for both drivers.

“They are equal, the drivers, so that is what we try to do,” he said.

“You never know where we end up at the end of the season, but that is our policy.

“It is much easier because otherwise you confuse yourself.

“We just try to do things so that we don’t confuse ourselves, because if one has got it and one not then all of a sudden maybe the other one with the old part is quicker than the new one and you doubt yourself.

“So we try to do it equally and develop from there.”

Gutierrez said it was a good sign that Haas was able to produce enough new parts quickly.

“It’s quite professional on that side to have everything ready for both cars,” he said.

“It is very important that there is equality in the team, and this is what is happening.”

Haas has made a strong start to life in F1 with Grosjean finishing sixth and fifth in the first two races to put the team fifth in the constructors’ championship with 18 points.

“Yeah we have exceeded our expectations,” said Gutierrez, who was running in the points before retiring for the second successive race in Bahrain.

“We were convinced we would have a chance to score points as we said from the beginning, but we didn’t really believe it was going to be as straightforward as it has been, in terms of car performance.

“For me it’s been a different case, I’ve been pretty unlucky at the beginning but the car’s feeling in general was quite surprising from the beginning.

“It was just really a matter of knowing really what our competitive level was going to be.”



Source: Autosport



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